Why LED?


With our experienced team of staff we are able complete all commercial and domestic applications from the supply of lamps straight the way through to the final fitting if required.

Help is only a phone call away to resolve any product and installation issues that our clients may have. Forward planning on all of our design packages helps eliminate potential issues throughout the installation stages but support is available to quickly resolve any that may accrue efficiently and professionally throughout both the installation stage and after completion stage.

LEDs are now fast becoming the dominant light source within the lighting market for a number of reasons:

Large lighting energy consumption cost savings

With the combination of ever rising energy bills and a potential to saving as much as 85% on your lighting energy bill with most LED retrofits, it is becoming ever more tempting for people to make the change over, to LEDs.

Large variety of eye catching and vibrant light colours

The possibilities of colour option with LEDs are literally limitless. Gone are the days of very block colours. Now LED lights come in a wide variety of colour temperatures giving the end user the choice of a wide range of ambient lighting effects to suit all interiors.

RGB is also becoming popular in many installations, as this allows the end user to add a splash of colour into their desired zones. This can give the space multiple faces allowing the end user to change the look and feel of the same space over and over again.

When matched with the correct controls the effects that can be achieved are truly breath taking.

High lumen per wattage output

Due to the highly efficient chips and controls, the lumen output per watt in LEDs beats all other light sources currently on the commercial market. This is what truly makes LED lighting so efficient. A high light output matched with a low wattage consumption is truly a match made in heaven.

Large retrofit variety

With a wide range of LED retro fits currently available on the market, it can in most cases be as simple a just changing your bulb. It is always advisable to talk with one of team regarding the lamp specifications, insuring that all the controls lamps and fitting match and are most importantly computable.

Lamp running temperature

Unlike most general forms of lighting, LEDs tend to run at an average temperature of around 45° whilst lest say a 50 watt halogen spot light runs a 300°. This can lead to rooms with large amounts of spotlights becoming very hot in the summer months. Dust around fitting can also become fused to the ceiling areas due to the heat produced by the halogen filaments, leaving large black ring marks around the light fittings. Additional costs are then incurred for decorating works to make good the ceilings. This is then repeated on yearly basis to keep these areas tidy. LEDs do not produce this problem, so whilst saving money on energy consumption costs, decorating costs over the lamps life span are also reduced considerably.